Subjective atlas of Hainaut
Subjective atlas of the Netherlands
Subjective Atlas of Mexico
Subjective Atlas of Fryslân
Subjective Atlas of the European Union from an Estonian point of view

Van zelfredzaamheid tot zorg, van boerderijen tot hoogbouw en van oranjekoeken tot beeldende kunst. Het resultaat is een collectie beelden, kaarten en foto’s die wellicht de huidige ziel van Fryslân ontsluiert.

The book does live up to the promise of its title, that of being a subjective and intimate view of Palestine as seen by its natives.

De subjectieve atlassen stellen in vraag wat een land maakt tot wat het is voor diens inwoners, door een breed spectrum aan ervaringen plaats te geven.

It is innovative and traditional, humorous and determined, true and absolutely subjective – and all that at the same time.

Subjective Atlas of Serbia
Subjective Atlas of Hungary
Subjective Atlas of Palestine

With a volume like that full of incredibly refreshing ideas, it is certainly not hard to get inspired.

Educational pictures for foreigners against xenophobia, a curved mirror as self-reference for Hungarians.

Those with a personal connection towards Hungary and each and everyone, who has ideas, dreams or knowledge related to the country will definitely love this book.

Maybe we have a book finally which can help us explain to our foreign friends how the country looked like a hundred years ago, why there are Kossuth streets everywhere, why the little cow doesn’t have any ears and tail and who was the discoverer of Vitamin C? And that we are not hungry but Hungarians.